Product Scope vs. Project Scope: Rack, Material Handling, & More

Product scope is another way to outline the “requirements” of the product itself. For example, if you’re evaluating a forklift project, consider the attributes and features of the forklift itself as product scope. Do the standard features meet your requirements? Have the requirements been captured correctly by you’re supplier? Be aware that even the slightest mistakes in collecting requirements will result in a totally different product scope than what you potentially needed. So what does the product scope do overall?

It answers the question: What exactly do my forklifts need to do? Yes, pick up and move pallets – but what about weight capacity? Fork reach? Aisle width? Visibility? Ergonomics? It may not be obvious at the outset, but the comfort and confidence your operators have in the machine must be considered as part of the product scope.

Project scope is the work the project will do to deliver the product of the project. In order words, it encompasses the product scope. The project scope is what we at RACKsteel handle – the total planning, coordination, management, and procurement of the product. the project scope captures everything that is needed to be done in order to successfully implement the product in the facility. Once the project is implemented, it’s important to ‘hand-off’ the project to the correct department – i.e. manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, or plant operations. – to ultimately realize the benefits.