Does RACKsteel have the necessary approvals?

Yes, RACKsteel is RMI approved and CWB approved. We focus our resources on ensuring our products are among the best produced in industry.

Do you handle the permit process?

When we sell to end users, we will assist in the permit process. Our dealer network will often include permit services as part of their RACKsteel quotation.

Do you provide installation services?

If our dealers do not have a local installation team, we can provide installation services. Often our dealers will include installation as part of their RACKsteel quotation.

What style do you manufacture?

RACKsteel is a teardrop and redirack style system. Both are common styles used throughout North America. Request a sample anytime.

Do you sell to large end users?

We wholesale to dealers and sell to end users if there are no local dealers in their market.

What is your lead time on materials?

We typically have leads times of 6-8 weeks on project based orders. This includes freight time to site. We have local stock ready for pickup in BC.

How do I become a dealer?

We partner with material handling dealers of all sizes. If stocking our product is not an option, we’ll happily quote on a per-project basis.

Does RACKsteel sell to Canadian dealers?

Our focus is the Canadian market. Our exclusive factory-direct materials are designed to provide our dealers and end user clients with a low cost solution coast to coast.

Does RACKsteel sell to US dealers?

Yes, we sell through a dealer network in the USA. If there is no dealer in your area, we’ll help you get set up. Contact our sales team for more information.

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